Megafin S.A.S



We provide storage service for frozen and refrigerated foods in 12 independent chambers for each type of product in selective shelving. We guarantee the cold chain with meters and on-line temperature controls (SITRAD), thus preserving the quality of your products.

We use a WMS (Warehouse Management System) operating system that allows us to have control and knowledge of each of the references stored, increasing the efficiency between the processes of entry and exit of your products. In addition, we can provide your company with real time information on the movements made.

Freezing Tunnels

We provide a quick freezing service, in our 3 modern blast freezing tunnels (air at high speed and static pressure) that have an approximate capacity of 6 to 10 tons per tunnel in a freezing time of -18°C in 12 hours.


We offer the Packing service by offering the possibility of changing the presentation of the products at the level of packing and packaging according to each of the needs of our customers. Thus optimizing the image, handling and protection of the product.


We offer the Picking service or preparation of your orders adjusting them to the needs and productivity of your logistic chain. Through this service we can provide your company with greater speed and accuracy, decrease errors in the preparation of your goods, increase productivity, real-time monitoring of the contents of each box, high performance - cost ratio. This is undoubtedly the service that has the highest added value, since it is the physical reflection of our customers' needs.

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